Friends Reunion

Seventeen years later, the best comrades, who were forced by certain circumstances to part ways, now meet in their favorite cafe. This meeting turns out to be no coincidence. Once upon a time, the main characters were constantly meeting in a youth cafe, where each shared his secret and other joys of life. Rachel is a good-natured person, in a past life tried to treat everyone to different delicacies. The young people hadn't seen each other in a long time, and now they looked different. After all, the seventeen years that had passed were making themselves felt. Each of them was overjoyed that they were able to get together. Of course, many have their own business in the development stage, so the meeting was just impossible. But this time they literally plunged into the past, and remembered every minute of their lives. But character and incompatibility with each other persists, even first love suddenly makes itself felt. Guys and girls who once had no idea that they would get together like this spontaneously, in their favorite cafe. A day of nostalgia touches the hearts of middle-aged friends. They're sure they're capable of standing out among the others, but it turns out everyone needs help.


  1. Thank you for uploading the reunion. I have been searching it on the internet and landed on the french version. I wasn’t emotional as the English version.

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